“Anselm claimed his ontological argument as proof of the existence of God, whom he described as that being for which no greater can be conceived. A god that does not exist cannot be that than which no greater can be conceived, as existence would make it greater. Thus, according to St. Anselm, the concept of God necessarily entails His existence. (…) Gaunilo criticised Anselm’s argument by employing the same reasoning, via reductio ad absurdum, to “prove” the existence of the mythical “Lost Island”, the greatest or most perfect island conceivable: if the island of which we are thinking does not exist, it cannot be the greatest conceivable island, for, to be the greatest conceivable island, it would have to exist, as any existent island would be greater than an imaginary one.” (wiki)



i still have a pink 32*20, and a blue 10*12. what shall i do?

The pics are on their way. I have decided to donate the whole sum to AMF.
(Shipping, canvases, etc. on me.)

Thanks again for everyone.

Highest bids :

100$ on Hedgehog

60$ on Trolleyology

40$ on The present king

Thank you for your interest!

As I am moving back to Europe fairly soon, I am auctioning away my pics. I plan to donate the net profit (the price you pay minus the price of the canvas and the shipping) to Against Malaria Foundation (http://givewell.org/international/top-charities/AMF).

The pics are on canvas, painted with acrylic. Most of them are fairly big, you can see the dimensions under the pictures.

If you are interested, make your offer through email: philosophygags@gmail.com

I will publish the highest bids (without the bidder’s name) here every day by 6PM (EST).
The auction closes on 01/03/2012, 6PM.

Do not hesitate to make your offer, even a relatively small donation can save lives!
(I will also publish here the data about the donation.)

Minimum bids: 30$ for the larger pics, 20$ for the smaller pics.